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    Mobile Miner is an app that allows anyone to easily start mining cryptocurrency. Just enter your email and tap start, and your phone does the work for you. Payments are instant and have no minimum amount, and can be sent directly to wallets like Coinbase. For more information and instructions on how to mine using any device read our top features below.

    If you've already started using Mobile Miner you can use this website to mine for your account on other operating systems such as iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux. Just enter your email address in the field below and all hashes will automatically begin to credit to your account - you can even check in the app to see your balance going up! By using Mobile Miner you agree to the terms and privacy policy


    Instant Payments

    We work with Bitcoin wallet companies to provide you instant, fee-free payments with no minimum amount. Right now we are very early in development and currently only support Coinbase payments but have plans to add support for Xapo, Luno, Freewallet and others in the future. We also plan to allow support for payments in other cryptocurrencies such as Etherium and Litecoin with other wallet providers.

    Better Rates

    While we understand ads can be very annoying, we include advertisements in both our app and website. We try to limit ads and not include too many that will affect the user experience, but because we have ads we are also able to pay you the advertising profit as well as the mining profit, so you get paid much more than any other mining app available! As long as you are not using adblocking software you will get paid more than anyone else using the app.

    Optimized Algorithm

    Unlike traditional Bitcoin Mining software, Mobile Miner is designed to run exceptionally well on consumer-level hardware such as phones, laptops, game consoles and mini PCs. This is possible because instead of mining Bitcoins, Mobile Miner mines other types of currencies using different algorithms (such as Monero) and then converts the profit to Bitcoin with no fee. So you have the convenience of being paid in Bitcoins along with the profit of mining lesser-known currencies


    Most of our features and settings are located within the Android app, but once you've setup an account on mobile you can also enter your email address into our website ( to mine on other devices such as iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, even game consoles and smart TVs! Anything with a web browser supporting javascript is able to mine with Mobile Miner. We also have a custom webapp for iOS to improve the user experience which can be installed via the website


    As developers we believe that interacting and building a positive relationship with your users is very important. We have an easy-to-use helpdesk in our Android app and a support email address where you can speak with developers privately and directly. We also have a chatroom where you can speak with other users and staff of Mobile Miner. We will always do our best to help include new feature requests or fix problems, even if it is just one person asking for it.


    Don't see the miner? Make sure that you have adblockers disabled, javascript enabled and you have temporarily disabled any antivirus/firewall programs. If it still doesn't work please contact support.

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