Mobile Miner

    Our app was recently removed from the Google Play store, probably due to all the people reporting it as a "scam" during our BETA period when payments were not working properly yet. The problem with this is that the app is now working fine and Coinbase payments have been sent, so it's not a scam.


    For now we will be temporarily offering a direct download to our Android app on this page. Please note that we currently only have a standalone app for Android, for any other device you will need to first create your account using an Android device (or emulator) and then mine using the browser mining script embedded on our website homepage. To download the APK file click the button below.


    You'll have to change your security settings to allow applications from unknown sources (i.e. apps downloaded from places other than Google Play) so that you can download and run the APK. Your device should come with a package installer by default, so you can just open the APK file with your package installer app to install it as if it's just a regular app downloaded from Google Play.


    We will not offer help with installing the app, so please do not contact our support team if you are unable to install it. Just search for "how to install APK file on (your device)" with Google search.

    Latest Version: 1.4.1 (4.7MB APK)

    When updates are available you will need to come back here instead of the Google Play store to download them. If/when Google puts our app back on the store this page will change to be a link to the Play Store instead. After downloading please write a review below to let others know what the app is like!


    You must login with your Google account (or other supported social media) to post a rating or review. Your name and profile will be displayed along your review (like the Google Play store)


    If you're having issues please contact our support team ([email protected]) before writing a negative review, as we will probably be able to help you.